We warmly welcome customers with all disabilities requiring particular assistance. This page details the Access Performances that we offer here at Curve, plus useful information about our venue and how to join our Access Register scheme.


Curve is a large, round building with a glass front. There are three main entrances into the building – one by our Green Room Café (Halford Street), another by our Stage Door Bar (Rutland Street) and the third is in the middle of the two (Southampton Street).

Our Foyer is one big circle which goes around our two performance spaces – the Theatre and the Studio – so it’s easy to find your way around.

As you walk around our Foyer, you will also notice lots of large pictures on the big red walls. This is our Production Gallery, and features pictures from previous productions here at Curve. You can pick up a gallery guide from the leaflet racks around the building to learn more about the shows included in this exhibition.

Box Office
Just off the Foyer inside the Rutland Street doors, you will find our Box Office. You can collect your tickets for the show here if you haven’t already printed them, and this is also the place to validate your car parking ticket at a reduced rate of £5.50* (if you have parked in the NCP Rutland Centre Car Park).

Green Room Café & Stage Door Bar
In the Foyer you will also find our Green Room Café and Stage Door Bar, which sell a range of food, drinks and treats to enjoy during your visit.

You can find toilets on all levels of the building. On the ground floor (Stalls level), male, female and accessible toilets are located between our Stage Door Reception and Box Office and close to our café. There are two more accessible toilets, one by Theatre Door 3 and one by Theatre Door 4. The R.A.D.A.R. key is available at the Green Room Café.

The accessible toilet by Door 4 is also a Changing Places Toilet, which has an adult changing table and assistive hoist.

On the Mezzanine (Circle), Level 1 and Level 2, male, female and accessible toilets are located near the stairwell.

Accessing the Circle & Upper Floors
To get to the Circle, Level 1 or Level 2, you can either use the stairs located next to our Stage Door Reception, Door 3 or Door 4, or take the lift by Door 3 (select ‘M’ for Circle Level, and 1 or 2 for upper floors).

Access Performances & Other Services

Enjoy theatre with our Access Performances

We are proud to offer a programme of accessible performances throughout the year, enabling customers with all disabilities requiring particular assistance to access the work on our stages. Our Access Performances include: Captioned Performances; BSL Signed Performances; Audio Described Performances & Touch Tours; Dementia Friendly Performances and Relaxed Performances.

Click the relevant tab below to find out more about each type of performance and upcoming performance dates.

Captioned Performances (CAP)

Captioned Performances see spoken words or songs converted into visible text as they are delivered, via a display screen on stage. Our Box Office team can advise on the best seats for viewing the captions.

On Your Feet! (Musical) • Thu 6 Jun, 7.30pm
The Color Purple (Musical) • Tue 9 Jul, 7.30pm
Bollywood Jane (Drama) • Fri 9 Aug, 7pm
Grease (Musical) • Thu 12 Sep, 7.30pm
War Horse (Drama) • Sat 28 Sep, 2.15pm
My Beautiful Laundrette (Drama) • Thu 3 Oct, 7.15pm
West Side Story (Musical) • Wed 18 Dec, 2.15pm & Tue 2 Jan, 7.30pm

Signed Performances (S)

Signed Performances are presented with British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation. The signer will be positioned on one side of the stage, and our Box Office team can advise on the best seats for viewing the interpretation.

On Your Feet! (Musical) • Fri 7 Jun, 7.30pm
The Color Purple (Musical) • Fri 5 Jul, 7.30pm
Bollywood Jane (Drama) • Sat 10 Aug, 7pm
The Entertainer (Drama) • Sat 31 Aug, 2.15pm
Grease (Musical) • Thu 5 Sep, 7.30pm
War Horse (Drama) • Tue 1 Oct, 7.30pm
West Side Story (Musical) • Thu 12 Dec, 2.15pm

Audio Described Performances (AD)

During Audio Described Performances, key visual aspects of the show are described live via a headset, which can be reserved in advance via the Box Office and collected prior to the performance.

On Your Feet! (Musical) • Sat 8 Jun, 2.15pm
The Color Purple (Musical) • Fri 12 Jul, 7.30pm
Bollywood Jane (Drama) • Sun 11 Aug, 2pm
Grease (Musical) • Wed 11 Sep, 2.15pm
War Horse (Drama) • Fri 4 Oct, 7.30pm
My Beautiful Laundrette (Drama) • Sat 5 Oct, 2.30pm
West Side Story (Musical) • Sat 14 Dec, 2.15pm & Sat 28 Dec, 7.30pm

Touch Tours (TT)

An accompaniment to Audio Described Performances, Touch Tours are a tactile tour of the stage allowing audience members greater access to the performance. Tours usually take place 90 minutes (or earlier) prior to the start of an Audio Described Performance. The timings below are the start times of the Touch Tours, and places on these tours should be booked in advance via the Box Office.

On Your Feet! (Musical) • Sat 8 Jun, 12.45pm
The Color Purple (Musical) • Fri 12 Jul, 6pm
Bollywood Jane (Drama) • Sun 11 Aug, 12.30pm
Grease (Musical) • Wed 11 Sep, 12.45pm
War Horse (Drama) • Fri 4 Oct, 5.30pm
My Beautiful Laundrette (Drama) • Sat 5 Oct, 1pm
West Side Story (Musical) • Sat 14 Dec, 12.45pm & Sat 28 Dec, 6pm

Dementia Friendly Performances (DF)

Dementia Friendly Performances are tailored to meet the specific needs of people living with Dementia. They include adaptations to the show, clearer visual markers and signage in the physical environment, and a relaxed attitude to movement and audience responses during the show.

Grease (Musical) • Thu 5 Sep, 2.15pm
West Side Story (Musical) • Wed 8 Jan, 2.15pm

Relaxed Performances (RP)

Relaxed Performances are tailored to and aimed at anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment. The atmosphere in the auditorium will be relaxed, with audience members free to come and go as they please, or to make noise if they would like to.

Bollywood Jane (Drama) • Sat 10 Aug, 2pm
Grease (Musical) • Sat 7 Sep, 2.15pm
West Side Story (Musical) • Sat 4 Jan, 2.15pm

Other ways to make your visit more enjoyable

Wheelchair Spaces
All of our public spaces are accessible to wheelchair users, including lift access to the Circle level. We have allocated wheelchair spaces for every performances, both in the Theatre and Studio. If you wish to transfer to a theatre seat, we can store your wheelchair during the performance.

Assistance Dogs
Dog spaces are available upon request; please let us know during the booking process and a seat next to the aisle will be reserved for you. Alternatively, a member of our Visitor Experience Team will care for your dog during the performance, and drinking water can be provided.

Accessible Parking
Accessible parking is available on Southampton Street and in the NCP Rutland Centre Car Park adjacent to Curve – please visit our Getting Here page for other accessible parking options. We also have a drop-off point on Rutland Street.

Infra-red & Induction Loop Hearing Systems
Available in both the Theatre and Studio – please visit the Box Office for a headset.


Join our Access Register

Our Access Register is designed to assist customers with additional needs. We store information on your personal requirements so that you don’t need to resubmit evidence each time you book. Once registered, you will be eligible for a free essential carer ticket with the standard ticket you purchase for each show.

To join our Access Register, please download and complete the form below, and return it with relevant documentation via:

Email | [email protected]
| Curve, 60 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1SB

You can also join the Register by contacting our Box Office by telephone on 0116 242 3595.

Read or Listen to our brochure

Our Summer 2019 brochure is now available in a range of formats, including digital, large print, giant print and audio.

If you would like to read or listen to our brochure in a format that isn’t currently available, please get in touch at [email protected]

Audio Brochure


Click the ‘play‘ button on the playlist above to listen to our audio brochure via Soundcloud.

Read our Spring/Summer 2019 Access Brochure



In 2019 we will be making some exciting changes to our theatre, improving our accessibility provision.

Firstly, with capital grant funding from Leicester City Council, we are adding an additional 67 seats to our main theatre space during 2019, taking the seating capacity to 969. As part of this, we will have five permanent wheelchair spaces in the stalls each with companion seats. This takes us to six permanent wheelchair spaces (including the 1 space already existing in the Circle).

In addition, there will also be eight seats in the Stall with transfer arms for those who are able to transfer from their wheelchair to a seat.

These new seating plans will come into effect on shows during August 2019. Please view the seating plan above to see where the accessible seats will be positioned.

Wheelchair spaces and transfer seats can be booked through Box Office by calling 0116 242 3595 or emailing [email protected].