Name a Seat


Become part of the fabric of Curve and directly support our work with young people.

As a registered charity (number 230708) we are committed to ensuring Curve remains a place where everyone can engage with the arts. In 2015/16 we worked with over 15,000 young people and 350 schools through educational activities, workshops and performances at Curve.

By naming a seat in our iconic theatre, your donation will enable us to reach out to even more
young people, giving them the opportunity to experience every aspect of live theatre.

For £300* you will help us to continue inspiring young people
through arts and culture. In return you will receive:
• An engraved plaque on the back of your chosen seat, including a message of your choice.**
• A personal thank you on our website.
• Invitation to one Made at Curve production rehearsal.
• A certificate and photo opportunity with your seat.

*£150 for seats in rows AA and BB.
**Terms and conditions apply.

To take your seat with us, or for more information, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team by emailing [email protected]


A huge thank you to our current seat-holders for their kind donations:

Robert Sutcliffe Allan, Jorg Betts, Janet Bliss, Ted Cassidy MBE, John and Marise Day, Sally Gaukrodger-Cowan, Nathalie Ginvert, Abi Jevons, Dipak Joshi, Jill Landskroner, Lynne McCormack, Grace Phillips, Stuart Piper, Jean Roberts, Ms R Simpson, Chris Stafford, David and Diane Statham, Phillip Tasker, Lisa Carol Walker, Jamie Wilson, Glynis Wright, John Wright, Anya Zarb, Stuart Zarb, Tara Zarb.

Ritva Foster, Susie Jordan, James Spear, David Pollak, Sunita Patel, Peter Lewis, Mr and Mrs Vegoda, Nicol Nightingale, David Parker, Karen Stevens, Nikolai Foster, Gordon and Janet Arthur, Karen Solomon, Mrs Nicola Voyle, Michael and Dorothy Mackley, Moving Together, Lyn Fox, Judy and Douglas Day Stewart, Nicola Voyle, Lisa Clare, Stuart Speechley.