Creatives Commentary

We’ve asked our leading Curve Creatives to chose a favourite photograph from a Curve show they’ve worked on and add some commentary to accompany the image – perhaps their vision for a particular moment in the show, a backstage story or bit of DVD directors-style commentary!

We hope you enjoy sharing their insight and passion for the Made at Curve shows they’ve helped create. Standby for commentary from creatives such as Curve founding Artistic Director Paul Kerryson, leading lady Ria Jones, choreographer Mel Knott and directors Julia Thomas, Sean O’Connor and Suba Das.

Lisa Lewis - Deputy Stage Manager of West Side Story

For West Side Story I had the privilege of calling a show from the back of the auditorium, having one of the best seats in the house every night”

Lisa Lewis, Deputy Stage Manager of our Made at Curve production of West Side Story shares a backstage image and her insight into what it was like to work on the show.

Sound Designer Tom Marshall on My Beautiful Laundrette

“Hundreds of elements make up multiple layers of sounds, from the loud and obvious sweeps in and out of scenes to the distant ambience that is only just audible in the background”

Read Sound Designer Tom Marshall‘s insights into creating the soundscape for a key scene in our Made at Curve drama, My Beautiful Laundrette.

Musical Supervisor Stephen Brooker on our White Christmas sitzprobe

“The sitzprobe on any musical production is one of the most exciting days for me as a Musical Supervisor.”

Musical Supervisor, Stephen Brooker, remembers the excitement of the sitzprobe for the Made at Curve production of White Christmas.

Director Paul Kerryson on Chicago

“It was an exhilarating moment – the perfect cast, choreography, design, pulsating music and all in perfect harmony.”

Paul Kerryson, Director of the 2013 Made at Curve production of Chicago, discusses crafting the look of the production and putting a new spin on a classic show.

Writer Riaz Khan on Memoirs Of An Asian Football Casual

“This picture sums up the love and respect I have for these two young men and the production team at Curve”

Writer Riaz Khan reflects on being part of our Made at Curve production of Memoirs Of An Asian Football Casual and seeing his story performed by actors Jay Varsani and Hareet Deol.


“Reflections can add a surreal feeling to the image, however when photographing a production the photographer has no control over lights, actors movement, props…”

Photographer Ellie Kurttz talks about using reflections to capture a moment in our 2019 Made at Curve production of Hanif Kureishi’s My Beautiful Laundrette.


“It was amazing to feel that audiences were still appalled as well as moved by Archie Rice”

Sean O’Connor, Director of our Made at Curve production of The Entertainer, discusses the show’s title role and the enduring relevance of Osborne’s play.