Creatives Commentary: DSM Lisa Lewis on West Side Story

Mon 20 Apr 2020

Lisa Lewis, Deputy Stage Manager of our Made at Curve production of West Side Story shares a backstage image and her insight into what it was like to work on the show.

“When sitting at a prompt desk you are usually on the side of stage watching the images of the show on three or four different screens; for West Side Story I had the privilege of calling a show from the back of the auditorium, having one of the best seats in the house every night. The captured moment in this picture was that of opening night. It’s filled with adrenaline to do a good job, to remember all the elements of the piece and to begin knowing the show completely. In this moment it is your turn to deliver the final execution, making it seamless and keeping together all the complex elements each creative envisaged. My thoughts on this particular night was to rise a challenge of not only ‘calling the book’ but to feel the show, to understand the importance and passion of the piece, to listen to every musical note and adjust the scene changes so they can land beautifully, it is an art that takes a couple weeks to finalise. This picture captures a nervousness to excel at your job; to work alongside the actors and technical teams to help deliver the message and the story.”