The Wizard of Oz Theatre Day



Discover what goes into making a Made at Curve production at our Theatre Day for The Wizard of Oz.

This two-hour, interactive session will be hosted on stage in the Theatre, offering an insight into the musical from the show’s cast members. Through demonstrations and discussions you will explore the rehearsal process, learn how the company have brought the show’s dialogue and music together with movement, and get a technical perspective through a presentation of different lighting and sound states.

A live informal Q&A with the actors and production team will bring the day to a close.

 – An Insight into Rehearsals
In this fun, interactive session, our host and members of The Wizard of Oz cast will share some exercises that were used within the rehearsal process, through a series of moments taken from the production.

11am – A Technical Perspective
Enjoy a selection of demonstrations of how the show works technically, and how sound and other effects are used to layer and create different scenes, states and moods.

11.30am – 15 minute break

11.45am – Q&A Session
Our host will be joined by members of the cast and production team to answer your questions about the show.


£8 for individuals
£5 for schools and group bookings

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