Turned On Its Head present

Mrs Pockets Family Workshop



Mrs. Pockets is curious about her pockets and what she can put in them; her coat pockets, pockets in socks, pockets so deep she looses her hands.

She asks:
What is a pocket?
Is a puddle a pocket for the rain?
Are pockets a little space for keeping thing in their place; your “nicks” your “nacks” or maybe just your hands?
Some pockets have holes and things keep dropping out – is that what your sleeves are? A sock is a pocket for your feet!
Some pockets that have a jumble of things that surprise us and make us want to dance”

Come dance with Mrs Pockets and help us make a show. This workshop includes sensory play and a performance for you and your little one by the creators of Sponge and Shiny.

Workshop length: 45 mins

This show is being developed with families and this will be the first research phase.

Come and be part of Mrs Pockets ever growing library of sensory stories and dances.

For babies aged 6-24 months and their grown-ups.


£4 per family group (1 adult and up to 2 children)


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