Youth Stage Combat Workshops



Do you have an interest in stage combat?
Would you like to learn how to fight like a Pirate?
Ever wondered how superheroes make beating the bad guys so convincing?

Then join Kiel O’Shea this Easter for an action-packed, three day Stage Combat masterclass!

Day One – Fighting with Fisticuffs: Unarmed Combat
You’ll start your masterclass with Kiel by looking at unarmed stage combat, learning the basic but often used techniques of hand-to-hand combat, as utilised on stage and screen. Students will learn to slap, punch, kick, grapple with and strangle one another! Learn how the style of fight changes when you’re acting like James Bond, monsters, Cowboys and Indians or your favourite superhero.

Day Two – A Pirates Life For Me
Get ready to climb aboard and hit the High Seas on day two, as you learn how to fight like a Pirate with the fast-paced, double edged sword, the Rapier. Made famous in Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll learn the important safety and dramatic techniques required to handle the blade, including how to draw the sword and Renaissance fighting stances. Pirate hats and polite parrots are encouraged!

Day Three – Fighting For Film
Think you’ve got what it takes to be the star of your very own action movie? Then you’ll have to master the fight scenes! In this final workshop, students will learn the art of fighting for film, and how to work with the camera to get it right every take. You’ll also have an opportunity to demonstrate your new combat skills from the three-day workshop to an audience of invited family and friends.

For more details about each day of the workshop and what to expect, please see the ‘Learn More’ section below.



£60 for all three days


Recommended for ages 12 – 18yrs.

Please note that participants will need comfortable movement clothing, suitable footwear, water, a sweat towel, a change of clothes and snacks for each day of the workshop.

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