Common in partnership with Curve theatre

Common: Ground



COMMON is a nationwide arts organisation which exists to support the UK theatre industry in achieving greater socio-economic diversity. Our aim is to make theatre more accessible to the working-class; whether they be artists, audiences or communities.

COMMON: GROUND is a series of supportive discussions which offer a platform to artists from inter sectional backgrounds who self-identify as working-class and work in theatre, supporting them to share the barriers to career development that they face when building careers in theatre in their region.

This research then acts as the foundation for COMMON to begin a solutions-focused collaboration with the host organisation to dismantle the barriers faced by working-class artists in this region.

This event is specifically aimed at working-class artists working in theatre who live and work in Leicester and the surrounding areas.

We are particularly interested in building relationships with ‘off-stage creatives’. This includes – but is not limited to – playwrights, theatre directors, producers, movement directors, stage managers, costume supervisors, composers, lighting designers and set and costume designers.

This event is wheelchair-accessible, baby / child friendly, and inclusive of working-class artists from intersectional backgrounds across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, gender binaries and visible and non-visible disabilities or illness.



A limited number of discounted tickets to the matinee performance of Barbershop Chronicles (2.15pm) will be available on the day.

To enjoy the performance before attending the COMMON GROUND session, please email [email protected] after booking, to access your exclusive discount.

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