42nd Street Theatre Day



Discover how the production of 42nd Street has been brought to Curve’s stage at the 42nd Street Theatre Day.

This two-hour interactive session will be hosted on stage in the Theatre. Through fantastic demonstrations and discussions, you will get an insight into the rehearsal process with cast members which includes the exploration or dialogue and movement. There is also the opportunity to get a technical perspective of the production and learn how the actors and production team came together to create this production by exploring particular lighting and sound states. A live informal Q&A with some of the cast and creative team will bring the day to a close.

Theatre Day Schedule
10.00am – An Insight into Rehearsals
In this session, members of the production and creative team of 42nd Street will share some exercises used within the rehearsal process, through a series of moments taken from the production.

10.30am – A Technical Perspective
Technical demonstrations provide insight into how the shows work technically, and how sound and technical effects are used to help layer and create different scenes, states and moods.

11.00am – 15 minute break

11.15am – Informal Q & A



£5 Under 18s School Groups and Groups 10+

*Discounts are subject to availability and may be removed at any time. Only valid on certain performances - terms and conditions apply.

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