Tokyo Rose

Mon 18 - Wed 20 Oct 2021



Turn back the dial to 1949.

Iva Toguri is charged with treason in one of the most controversial trials in American history. Iva stands accused of being the notorious ‘Tokyo Rose’, a Japanese wartime disc jockey who broadcast Axis propaganda to the Allied Forces in the Pacific. But was Iva the villain she was made out to be?

Burnt Lemon Theatre presents their multi-award winning musical Tokyo Rose, the incredible true story of one determined woman, who was torn between two worlds and wanted in neither.

Going live in 5, 4, 3…

Age recommendation 12+. This production contains themes of racism, prejudice and bereavement, and depictions of violence.


£20 – £10 

£2 off Under 16s
£2 off 16 – 26yrs (with a FREE 16-26 Membership)
15% off for Members
£2 off for Groups 10+

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Credits & Acknowledgments

Director Hannah Benson
Associate Director Amelia Kinu Muus
Book and Lyrics Maryhee Yoon & Cara Baldwin
Additional Book Jonathan Man, Hannah Benson and William Patrick Harrison
Dramaturgs Haruka Ueda, Hannah Benson, Jonathan Man
Composer William Patrick Harrison
Vocal Arranger Hannah Benson
Producer Tanya Agarwal
Assistant Producer Marie-Elena Nash
Production Manager LBRDR
Set Designer Luke W. Robson
Light Designer Holly Ellis
Sound Designer Jamie Lu
Costume Designer Erin C. Guan
Publicity Designer Rebecca Pitt
PR Chloe Nelkin Consulting

Rehearsal photography by Steve Gregson

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