Ockham's Razor present

Tipping Point



Ockham’s Razor come to Curve with their new show Tipping Point, winner of the Total Theatre and Jacksons Lane Circus Award at Edinburgh Festival 2016.

Tipping Point is set in the round with the audience drawn in close to the action. The five performers are enclosed within the circle of the stage, transforming simple metal poles into a rich landscape of images. Together they face a series of challenges as poles are balanced on fingertips, hung from the roof, swung, lashed, climbed up and clung to, the action veering from catastrophe to mastery.

Within this teetering world, they push and support each other as they wrestle with the moment when things begin to shift. They must decide whether to rail against the chaos or ride it out, allowing life to tilt towards the tipping point.

Tipping Point features a multi-layered, surround sound musical landscape especially composed by Adem Ilhan and Quinta, who have previously worked with Philip Selway of Radiohead, Hot Chip and Bat for Lashes.

Suitable for ages 5+, this stunning circus production is a treat for all the family.

Running time: 60 minutes


£18* – £10*

15% off Members


Ringside seating
A truly exciting and immersive experience, you will be seated right next to the set on freestanding chairs, close to the performers.

Bank seating
You will be seated around the set of the show on raised seating, more like traditional stalls seats.

Balcony seating
This will be our traditional balcony seating.

Balcony side stools
You will be seated on a high stool on either side of the stage at balcony level.


Seats in each area are unreserved, so you may sit in any seat within your chosen area. Please contact the Ticket Office on 0116 242 3595 if you have any questions regarding how the performance is being presented.


*Discounts are subject to availability and may be removed at any time. Only valid on certain performances - terms and conditions apply.

Credits & Acknowledgments

by Ockham’s Razor
Produced by Turtle Key Arts

Co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival and The Lowry, Salford Quays.

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