The Walk

Sat 14 Oct



The Walk is a solo theatre show by Neal Pike, directed by Matt Miller.

It’s a show about growing up in Underwood, a small village in North Notts. It’s about growing up disabled and not having many friends your own age. It’s about Neal’s relationship with his granddad, working men’s clubs and what it means to find a sense of self, a sense of freedom, and spaces and moments of silence through walking.

This work-in-progress show builds on previous shows by Neal Pike and Matt Miller (Five Years, I Bet You Got Stuck On The Dancefloor), further developing a quietly defiant voice from a perspective of disability and identity between the cracks. Neal and Matt’s work is rooted in autobiographical storytelling, poetry and shining a light on less often seen experiences.

Age Guidance: 12+
Show Warnings: Reference to death and bereavement, reference to traffic accidents, mild references to bullying.
Running Time: Approximately 45 – 50 minutes



Credits & Acknowledgments

The Walk is a solo theatre show by Neal Pike, directed by Matt Miller and with dramaturgical support by Emily Howlett.

Photography by Thomas Inglis (@GingerBoiCreations).

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