An Emmerson & Ward Production in Association with Curve

DMU Pride: The MP, Aunty Mandy and Me




A bittersweet and darkly comic tale of political campaigns, coercive abuse and steam trains. The MP, Aunty Mandy & Me explores power and manipulation through a queer voice from the #MeToo movement.

Meet Dom. He is trying to live his best instagay life but it isn’t easy living with his drug addict mum in a small rural town in the North of England, where the nearest gay is 10 miles away. He goes to the gym but never gets laid in the shower, he uses all the right hashtags but can’t top 100 likes and while he really wants a boyfriend, he just can’t find a gay man that shares his love of trains.

But a chance meeting leads Dom into the world of the local Labour MP who becomes Dom’s mentor and confidant. The MP makes Dom feel good. He makes him feel very good. And for all the confidence this unusual new friendship gives him, surely its worth giving certain things back in return? Even if these are certain things that he doesn’t really want to give.

The MP, Aunty Mandy and Me is the brand new play by award winning writer and performer Rob Ward (Away From Home, Gypsy Queen) presented by Emmerson & Ward Productions in association with Curve and directed by Clive Judd (Rails, Captain Amazing, Little Malcolm And His Struggles Against The Eunuchs).

Age Recommendation: 16+ – Contains strong language, strobe lighting and sexual scenes and references that may trigger an emotional response.

Running time: approx. 70 minutes



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