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The Changing Room and Shooting Truth



National Theatre Connections is one of the UK’s largest celebrations of youth theatre. Plays are commissioned for and about young people, from some of the best contemporary playwrights, and performed by schools and youth theatres all over the UK and Ireland.

In 2018, National Theatre Connections is working with up to 270 youth theatres and schools to stage 10 newly commissioned plays, adding to the 160 + plays the National Theatre have commissioned for young people since 1995.

This year, Curve Young Company will be performing The Changing Room by Chris Bush as part of National Theatre Connections, alongside Shooting Truth by Molly Davies

The Changing Room – By Chris Bush

A lyrical piece about existing on the cusp of growing up.

Are we teenagers? Are we children? What are we? It’s about bodies in flux and perspectives shifting; knowing change is coming but not what that change will look like.

Set in and around a swimming pool, The Changing Room follows a group of teens full of excitement, impatience and uncertainty, each with their own secret worries and desires for what comes next.

Shooting Truth  – By Molly Davies

Deep in the woods of an abandoned village, the present is haunted by the past as a group of students embark on a film project about a 17th century witch, Freya.

The time periods bleed into one another as the shoot unfolds and we learn the truth behind Freya’s troubled past. All the while, ghostly echoes spectate the begin to intervene, drawn to the all-too-human dispositions that transcend time.

Our 17-strong cast from our brand new Curve Young Company Act will take you on a journey that explores the fear of people being different; a notion often rooted in the issues we face in modern society, including bullying, homophobia and terrorism.

First act: The Changing Room – approx 45 minutes
Second act: Shooting Truth – approx 1 hour



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Credits & Acknowledgments

National Theatre Connections is kindly supported by The Mohn Westlake Foundation, The Buffini Chao Foundation, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Delta Air Lines, Jacqueline and Richard Worswick, MacTaggart Third Fund, The EBM Charitable Trust, Samantha and Richard Campbell-Breeden, The Garvey Family Trust, Susan Miller and Byron Grote, The Derrill Allatt Foundation, Hays Travel Foundation, Faithorn Farrell Timms and supporters of the Connections Appeal. The National Theatre’s Partner for Learning is Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

National Theatre Connections is an annual event, this year, it will involve 270 young theatre groups and 28 leading Partner Theatres from across the UK and Ireland.

More information on the National Theatre Connections programme can be found at

SHOOTING TRUTH © 2011 first performed at the National Theatre, London as part of Connections.
Copyright agent: TROIKA


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