Some People Have Too Many Legs



 A show about facing your fears and throwing glitter at them.

“Jackie, now you’ve had your leg off you could be a Paralympian!”
“Yeah, just as much as you could be an Olympian, I’m gonna carry on being me…”

In Summer 2013 rainbow haired comedian Jackie Hagan won a prestigious commission from the National Rural Touring Forum and Contact Theatre (Manchester) to create and tour a solo show, later that week she was suddenly admitted to Manchester Royal Infirmary with a bright white, agonising big toe.

Four months later she left hospital with her leg amputated. Her life was completely turned around – for the better.

A theatrical poetic comedy show about making the bad stuff in life work to your advantage.

Jackie Hagan spent the summer of 2013 in hospital, it was a boot-camp in coping and seeing the humour in the dark places. She lost a leg, fell in love and made best friends with a narky old woman called Edna.

Infectiously optimistic, a bit daft, a bit real, featuring special effects and a unicorn.



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