English Touring Opera Presents

Silver Electra



It’s 1937. Amelia Earhart, the most famous woman on the planet has gone missing in her silver Electra aeroplane just as she was approaching the final leg of her round the world flight. 40 years later and 2,000 miles away in Australia, an old jar of freckle cream is discovered by an elderly woman on the beach. Could it offer a clue to the disappearance of Amelia?

Created for children aged 9 – 14 years and their families, Silver Electra is an exciting new opera that looks both at the riveting story of Earhart herself, and the role of women pioneers in the twentieth century. Performed by a cast of four professional singers accompanied by a violin, viola, keyboard and a big range of handmade percussion, this is the perfect introduction to English Touring Opera.

Running time: 65 minutes (plus optional post-show Q&A, and meet the cast)



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