Signatures, in partnership with Dance4, is a platform that nurtures and supports emerging dancers and choreographers with the development and showcasing of new work. Participating artists have all been selected on the innovative strength of their concepts and their potential to create diverse, engaging work.

Alongside the work two De Montfort University graduates and UK based artists, this year’s showcase also includes work by two internationally based choreographers, in what will be the fifth anniversary of the programme.

Foreign Bodies / Race Tracks – Sean Graham
Exploring the social, political and historical dynamics that layer the notion of multiculturalism in Britain today, Foreign Bodies / Race Tracks intertwines national sporting pride, cultural taboos and an interrogation office in a humorous and dark piece of dance theatre.

On One Condition – Dan Daw
Choreographed by Graham Adey and performed by disabled artist Dan Daw, On One Condition is a bare bones, stripped-back look at the world that we live in. In his undying attempts at perfection, one man attempts to hold the world on his shoulders in all its beauty and grotesqueness.

Sonder – Jamaal Burkmar
Inspired by the ‘Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’, a compendium of invented words by Canadian visual artist, John Koenig. ‘Sonder’ defines the sudden realisation that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own, this work explores the stories of strangers and the fleeting ‘extras’ of our lives.

A Little Too Close – Edan Gorlicki
There is a layered cycle of patterns in our relationships of structure and control; but there is a fine line between healthy hierarchy and horrifying abuse of power. A Little too Close is an innovative duet exploring the two sides of an unknown role-playing relationship and an attempt to define and understand this fine line.

Hitsuzendo – Cameron McKinney
Inspired by Zen Buddhism and Japanese calligraphy, Hitsuzendo strives for the “perfect meditative state” by reaching a high level of exhaustion and pushing past it. The body is the paintbrush, the stage is the paper. Hitsuzendo physically encapsulates the spiritual practice of self-realisation hidden in ‘ensou’, a circle painted in a single stroke.

Give Peace a Dance – Helen McCarron
Give Peace a Dance is an immersive dance theatre experience. The audience will time travel to America in the early 1970’s, exploring hippie culture and the Vietnam peace protests through the influential music and radio broadcasts of the time.

Tracing – Rhian Comley
Choreographed by DMU Dance student Rhian Comley, Tracing emerged in response to comments made on her style of dance. Balancing sharpness and fluidity throughout, the piece plays with the use of focus to trace the pathway of the hands, and the audience is invited to do the same.

Molten – Lucy Robins
Choreographed by DMU Dance Student Lucy Robins, Molten is inspired by the potential for articulation in the body and an exploration of the contrast of extremes between rigidity and fluidity. Molten is created an performed live in collaboration with guitarist Alice Stubbs.

Running Time: 2 hours 30 mins
Suitable for 12+



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