Signatures, a collaboration between Serendipity and Dance4, is a platform that provides opportunities to nurture and support undiscovered talent. The platform works with emerging dancers and choreographers based locally, nationally and internationally, enabling them to realise their creative potential. Signatures will showcase several excerpts of work in development; thought-provoking, exploitative and always innovative, this is a unique opportunity to see rising stars of dance.

Running time: 2 hrs 10 mins (with 20 min interval)



£10 Under 16s
£10 16 – 26 yrs (with a FREE 16 – 26 Membership)
£10 Under 18s school groups
£12 Over 60s and registered unemployed
15% off for Members
£10 Groups 10+
£5 Curve Young Company

*Discounts are subject to availability and may be removed at any time. Only valid on certain performances - terms and conditions apply.

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Shema Amani Isaac (Rwanda)

Ubutumwa explores different perspectives towards life. Challenges are not just what happen to us in life, but where we learn to think of tomorrow. Shema Amani Isaac is an urban traditional dancer and choreographer based in Kigali, Rwanda.

False Cognate

Diego Vázquez (Mexico)

False Cognate from Mexican choreographer Diego Vázquez is inspired by the relationship he has with the bible and the confrontation he suffers through it. There are misinterpretations in meanings and significations when one comes to believe concepts that are a lie, an illusion or an unresolved riddle.


Mary Oluwo (Nigeria)

Marriage should be a celebrated union between two adults. It should not be between a child and an adult. Nigerian dancer and choreographer Mary Oluwo seeks to raise the issue of child marriage and empower girls.


Sapphire Sumpter (UK)

Set to the second movement of Gorecki’s Symphony no. 3, Sapphire Sumpter’s choreography examines and explores the concept of sorrow as a transformative process with the potential to lead people out of their trance. The perpetual cycle of hate and fear can thus be broken, moving towards compassion, forgiveness and humanity – eventually leading to the state of oneness.


Ascension Dance (UK)

At a time where the UK is becoming more divided, Ascension Dance takes on the subject of masculinity, sensitivity, friendship and race relationships. It looks at touch, sensitivity, support and embraces. When can a man be sensitive? Is showing your emotions a declaration of weakness?

It is what it is

Beth Dale (UK)

Using Sidi Larbi Cherkaouri’s work The Faun (2009) as inspiration, De Montfort University final year student Beth plays with shapes and illusions to find new ways of movement for the body. Rather than allowing the limitations of skeletal structure to take away from the movement’s potential, Beth explores resilience and strength.


Arabella Batten (UK)

De Montfort University final year student Arabella also uses Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s work The Faun (2009) as a starting point. Arabella’s choreography Transpire is inspired by the concept of a creature being born into the unknown world, a journey of physical growth and self discovery