Signatures 2016



Signatures, in partnership with Dance4 is an exciting platform for emerging dancers and choreographers. Those participating have each been selected for the showcase based on the innovative strength of their concepts and the potential to create diverse, engaging work.

Light. Jux.Real
A solid answer to everything is not necessary. Blurry concepts influence one to focus, but postulated clarity influences arrogance.” – Criss Jami, Salomé. Contrasting and combining quirky contemporary techniques and abstract Hip Hop styles, Elle Church and Rebekah Roberts play with the medium of light; revealing, distorting and casting shadows.

A Rough Guide to Al
Alex Rowland
Trash Dollys Dance Theatre
Inspired by travels to Brazil, A Rough Guide to Al is an exciting new piece of multi-medium dance theatre by Alex Rowland. Drawing on personal experiences, the piece transports the audience on a kaleidoscopic journey of emotional changes through one man’s shifting perceptions of cultural identity.

Eric Nyuira and David Gellura
Exzeb Dance Company
Pushing boundaries, Artism is an exciting solo offering an new exhilarating perspective. Merging pure contemporary dance techniques with motion capture technologies to extend the stage and elevate performances to new dimensions. Keeping dance at its heart and using innovation as an instrument.

Red Pulse
Jessica Faux
Red Pulse reflects Jessica’s passion for powerful yet controlled movement that creates a rhythmical connection with the intense music to drive the momentum of the piece. This solo highlights pulsating and sharp changes in dynamics to suggest a metaphorical heartbeat. A third year dance student at De Montfort University, Jessica will be graduating in July.

Protocol Dance Company
For thousands of years human beings have dreamt of perfect worlds, worlds free of conflict, hunger and unhappiness. But can these worlds ever exist in reality? Utopia follows the journey of a group of men who attempt to discover a perfect world beyond themselves. However, the answers they find are not what they expected. Choreographed by Lanre Malaolu

Swan Lake II: Dark Waters
A dark, humorous portrait of a prince stranded on an island of feathers, forced to confront his loneliness and isolation once happily ever after has expired. In this reluctant spectacle, an estranged ode to the original ballet, performer Jordan Lennie fluctuates between man and creature whose grasp on reality is growing increasingly questionable.

Louisa Robey
Awakening explores the notion of hybridity and was inspired by a number of fictional part-human part-creature characters found in classical plays and novels. It includes specific animalistic movement investigations that exclude a sense of curiosity and discovery of the body’s capabilities which led Louisa to question the limit and potential of her own physical abilities.

Recommended ages 16+. Contains nudity.




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