Curve Breakthrough Artist Lewys Holt presents

Phrases and Footnotes

Tue 23 Oct



Lewys Holt is a dance artist. He likes to improvise and makes use of text and humour in a way that only he can. This new double bill of works comes after a year of slaving away, visiting places like Lincoln and Bournemouth in order to find space to rehearse.

Phrases and Footnotes fuse dance and text with a sprinkling of comedy. Prepare to get reflective, prepare to be confused, and most of all, prepare to sit down for a reasonable amount of time with a brief intermission.

Footnotes are additional information at the bottom of the page. They can add some context to what is being discussed in the main text, helping the reader better understand the discussion or possibly suggest places for further research. At other times they are frightening glimpses into what the author is really thinking underneath it all.

Miscommunication and confusion are often things to be avoided but what if you just lay into them? What if there’s actually nothing else? Big questions. Don’t worry. I have a PowerPoint.

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