Breakin' Convention Presents

Open Art Surgery



Open Art Surgery invites you to delve into the mind and souls of some of the UK’s finest hip hop artists as they dare to try something new, dangerous and exciting!

Hosted by Jonzi D with DJ Psykhomantus (Visionbombing)
Featuring: Code Crew, DTP, Bosman the Orator, Mr Shay, Hibword + SuperCed and Berkavitch

Artists present brand new, short pieces of work devised and developed in just one week with mentorship from Berkavitch, Anthony Ekundayo-Lennon and additional support from Ivan Blackstock.

After the performances, you will be invited to give constructive feedback about the artists’ work.

Open Art Surgery may contain language or content unsuitable for younger children.



*Discounts are subject to terms and conditions, availability and are only valid on certain performances.

Credits & Acknowledgments