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Shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Playwriting, Sankofa is a semi-autobiographical show about legacy, heritage, and what it means to belong as part of the African diaspora, told through live music, storytelling and traditional pottery.

san – to return: Nicole’s grand-uncle, Asiedu, was a playwright, one who shaped the landscape of Ghanaian theatre. Nicole doesn’t know this. She also writes plays, thousands of miles away in London.

ko – to go: Discovering her grand-uncle’s work sets Nicole on a journey to learn more about her lineage. Touring her own work around Europe, she is faced with the significance of her heritage, her blackness, her art. Is there something connecting her and Asiedu – something stronger than culture, than bloodline even?

fa – to fetch: Before she returns to England, Nicole will have to learn what it truly means to go back into the past in order to move forward into the future.

Age Recommendation: 16+ contains incidents of racism, description of sexual assault and panic attacks, and references to murder.



£8.50 Under 16s
£8.50 16-26 yrs and/or Students (with a free 16-26 & Student Membership), and Curve Connect
£8.50 Under 18s school groups

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