CYCC Act 10-13 | Gargantua



Performed by CYCC ACT 10-13

When Mr. and Mrs. Mungus have a baby it isn’t the bouncing blue-eyed boy they were hoping for. After a two-and-a-half-year pregnancy, Mini Mungus gives birth to a monster – one with an accelerated growth rate and an insatiable appetite for anything that moves (including joggers).

When sinister military scientists become intent on cloning an army of giant babies from the giant, he breaks his chains and escapes. The world can only watch in horror as he embarks on learning how to walk and rampant destruction.

Who will stop this monster baby, and who, more importantly, will change his nappy?


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This performance will be British Sign Language Interpreted by Krista Norris.

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Credits & Acknowledgments

by Carl Grose

Practitioners and Directors: Kitty Benford and Tamika Gore

An Amateur Performance licensed by arrangement with The Agency, 24 Pottery Lane, Holland Park, London W11 4LZ [email protected]

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