Finding Home: Ninety Days and Call Me by my Name



Ninety Days
Written by Ashok Patel

In August 1972 President Idi Amin tells all Asians in Uganda that they are exploiting Africans and gives them ninety days to leave the country. On the backdrop of hostility and appalling atrocities, loyalties and friendships collide with power and greed, as the clock ticks towards the ninety day deadline. Forced to leave Kampala, Geeta Mavani arrives at a Ugandan Asian resettlement camp in the UK and then makes her way to Leicester to begin a new life. This is the story over 50 years of three generations of the Mavani family.


Call Me By My Name
Written by Dilan Raithatha

This piece is largely influenced by real life stories from individuals who were impacted by the Ugandan exodus and fought to find their home and identity in Leicester.

We hear two brothers weaving through stories of their journey from Uganda to Leicester however both having different recollections. We hear tales of how they had to fight for their livelihood, survival and identity whilst discussing the importance of passing on appropriate information of the expulsion and building of Leicester on to future generations.

Age recommendation: 14+
Trigger warnings:
Ninety Days contains racism and violence.
Call Me By My Name contains gunshots, racism and violence.

Finding Home marks the 50th anniversary of the Ugandan Asian exodus. In August 1972, Ugandan President Idi Amin ordered the country’s Indian and Pakistani communities to leave within 90 days. Many of the displaced were British citizens and, as a result, around 27,000 people emigrated to the UK, with thousands settling in Leicester.

Finding Home features three new short plays by local writers whose families arrived in the UK from Uganda. To find out more about writer Chandni Mistry’s family play, Ruka, click here.


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Credits & Acknowledgments

Ninety Days

Written by Ashok Patel
Directed by Mandeep Glover


Call Me By My Name

Written by Dilan Raithatha
Directed by Mandeep Glover 

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