Christopher's Caterpillars



Written and illustrated by Charlotte Middleton and adapted for the stage by Claire Alizon Hills, Topsy Turvy Theatre return with everyone’s favourite guinea pig in his latest adventure – Christopher’s Caterpillars.

Christopher Nibble and his best friend Posie have been busy growing plants and food in their garden whilst taking care of their six hairy pet caterpillars. But when their crawly comrades disappear without a trace the gardening guinea pigs swap their trowels for magnifying glasses and turn detective!

Suitable for ages 2-7 and their families. 

Christopher’s Caterpillars Workshop
When the show finishes, the fun doesn’t stop there. Join Topsy Turvy Theatre‘s actors after the story to explore how caterpillars transform into butterflies in our practical and fun 45-minute workshop using drama and dance. Brilliant for 2 – 7’s, this follow on workshop is the perfect place for our little audience members to learn more about life cycles and meet some of the puppets from the production.

Cost: £80. For more information or to book, contact Emma Ling on [email protected].



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