Talks at Curve - When The Lights Go Down with Hareet Deol and Kurren Sandhu

Thu 4 Jun 2020

Earlier this year local actor and Curve Associate Artist Hareet Deol (Memoirs Of An Asian Football Casual, My Beautiful Laundrette) and Junior Doctor Kurren Sandhu delivered inspiring talks at Curve.

Working in creative industries presents its own unique challenges and in these recorded talks, Hareet and Kurren discuss breaking through creative blocks, finding inspiration in the arts, and how to keep the momentum going through periods of downtime.

In this talk, Hareet explains his journey to becoming an actor, dealing with the ups and downs of a career in a creative industry, and the growth that can come from facing our fears.

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Instagram @hareet_deol

You can catch Hareet in action in the archive recording of our 2018 Made at Curve production, Memoirs Of An Asian Football Casual. Click here to watch now.

Junior Doctor Kurren tells the story of his first creative endeavour, the writer’s block he met, and how he worked to break through it. The system Kurren created as a result, Supernova Student, aims to improve exam results by focusing on students’ well-being and helping them to find balance in their student life.

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Instagram – @kurrensandhu