Sunset Boulevard Cast Q&A: Dougie Carter

Mon 14 Dec 2020
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In our latest blog series, we’re catching up with our Welcome Back company cast members to find out what they’ve been up to over the past months, and how they’re feeling about returning to Curve. This week Dougie Carter answers our questions, ahead of his return to our stage as Artie Green in Sunset Boulevard in Concert – at Home.


How do you feel to be returning to Curve for these performances of Sunset Boulevard in Concert – at Home?
I’m so excited to return to Curve. It remains to this day one of the best places I have worked in my career; the people and the building just make for a guaranteed great experience. With everything that has happened this year, to get to perform with people I love and in a place I love… I simply cant wait until I hear that orchestra start!

What does the show mean to you?
It was a significant step in my career, understudying the lead and then playing the lead for three weeks taught me a huge amount. I met some of my closest friends on this job as well people I now talk to nearly every single day.

What is your favourite memory of the 2017 production?
When we got to take it international – Dublin, Amsterdam and Trieste were just amazing experiences. A highlight also has to be the sitzprobe at Curve, hearing our orchestra for the first time was just incredible. I guess falling over flat on my face whilst everyone else had to continue with the scene as if nothing had happened was also a silly highlight.

Which song/moment are you most looking forward to this time around?
Adam Pearce (Max Von Mayerling) bringing out the dulcet tones again in either of his solos.

Which song is your personal favourite?
My personal favourite would have to be Too Much in Love to Care as I just love the orchestra and the melody, and I always enjoyed singing it when I got the chance to.

How has this year been for you? What have you been doing?
It’s been a tough year for me – a lot has changed and trying to keep control of that has been a challenge. All my work disappeared, and my in-between work was in hospitality which obviously also disappeared. So I’ve hustled, found work where I could and done as many hours as I could find to make ends meet.

I’ve been working at Sainsbury’s, who gave a huge amount of London-based actors a lifeline. Then – when it could open – the restaurant where I run the front of house have been absolutely amazing, both paying and feeding me. I’ll forever be thankful to both of those companies for this year!

What films have you been watching during lockdown?
I’ve done every single Marvel film in order, Star Wars also. Most of Homeland, a fair bit of trashy tv to give the mind a rest and also watched as much sport as was available.

What do you hope audiences will take from these performances?
I think they will understand the extremely unique piece of theatre they’ll be watching. It could be a once in a lifetime version of this show. I think the audience as well as the performers will just be so glad to be seeing or doing what they love.