Saffron Stories Script

Thu 28 Feb 2019

Stories of Saffron residents were brought to life by group members in their devised piece of work based on heritage research and conversations with locals.

Read their script here.




The scene opens with Lawrie (L), Tawakalt (T) & Camaro (C) standing S.L.


The actors take to theirs seats on 3 old wooden chairs. By the side of each chair are white pieces of card. They in turn pick up their pieces of card.


The actors stand and take their positions. The actors (one at a time) hold up her cards. On the cards are the introduction and explanation of what the production is about. The order of cards being held up are firstly L, then C and finally T. This sequence is repeated. Finally C holds up a card that reads…


C:            Because…


All:          We all have a voice.


T:            Welcome to Saffron.


C:            Let us show you around the place.


L turns around to present Saffron but realises that there is nothing to present. L has an idea.


L:             Oh! I have an idea.


The actors begin to create on stage some of the recognisable places that make up Saffron. Firstly L runs off to collect a pile of books when she returns she places them U.S.L


L:             Here is Sir Jonathon North School…As she says this she is putting the pile of books down on the floor.


T:            Oh clever! We can create Saffron right here for everyone. Go on then.


C:            Oh alright… C runs off and returns with a flower in a pot which he places D.S.L…and here we have Meadow Gardens.


T:            Yeah, that’s pretty good, but watch this…T runs off and collects a clock which she places C.S…and here is Tick Tock Park. Beat that.


C:            Well I’ll try…C runs off and after a lot of clattering and banging he returns and presents a large brown pot. Pork Pie Library!


T:            Yeah, I guess that’s pretty good.


L:             Yeah, I guess so.


T:            I’ve got it!


T & L go U.S to collect the middle stool and bring it S.L ready for the pot to be placed upon. Once the pot is placed on the stool C recaps on the sights of Saffron.


C:            Sir Johnny North School. Meadow Gardens. Tick Tock Park and last but not least Pork Pie Library.


T:            Which has been our home for the last 2 weeks.


And from here we’ve been listening to the voices and hearing the stories of the people that make up the heritage of our community.





C steps forward


T:            Time for a bit of fun. Paul’s story.


The actors spread across C.S facing the audience as if the audience are going to pay British Bulldog with them.


L:             British Bulldog was kind of a violent game, it was always a bit scary…


T:            …You liked all the twisting and turning…


C:            …because when you’re a kid you like throwing yourself around.


                The actors throw themselves to the ground.


L & C move U.S and sit on the chairs


C:            Lesley’s story.


T:            I got to Leicester and I was very unhappy because I’d always played with boys, but when we got to Leicester it was segregated.


L:             Boys play with Boys and girls play with girls.


T:            And I couldn’t understand this. I’d run out in the street and want to play with them.


C:            Boys play with Boys and girls play with girls.


T:            But I just wanted to play…


C:            Go away, you’re just a little girl.


T:            I’d have to go off and learn how to play girls games.





C & L go D.S and help T to her feet.


C:            Clare’s Story.


All:          Poddy 1.2,3. Have you heard of that one?


L:             It’s like a hide and seek game, where the person who’s catching has to stay…


T:            …and the other people run away and hide. And while the catcher is away looking for everyone, you have to go to the Poddy posy and say…


All:          Poddy 1,2,3


T:            And if your back safe…


L:             And if you’re back safe…


L&T        You’re the winner!


The actors hold their final positions.





                T takes a step forward (creating a triangle)


T:            But it wasn’t all fun and games there was hard work too. Judith’s story.


As the recording plays the actors create the chores in the house. Washing clothes, making the bed & scrubbing the floor.





                Once the music finishes T collects the U.S.L chair and places C.S.L.


T:            Paul’s story.


C changes his physicality and takes on the mannerisms of Paul.


C:            When I was younger all around ‘ere were fields such like. I guess things change, which is good in many ways, sometimes not, but mostly for the best. Things will always change. Goes and sits.


When I was a kid I always loved Motown music, my favourite was Martha and the vandellas such like.


C:            When I was younger I was a bit naughty like, and used to get locked out a lot, I worked a plan out. I used to leave my brothers window open and I used to climb up on the porch and come in through his window.


He always wondered how I got in the house such like.


                T begins to recreate Paul’s plan. She moves L on to the U.S chair. She then dances her way through the story. Finally climbing in through the window and standing next to L who is asleep on the chair.





T tries to wake L up. She only succeeds on the third time of trying.


T:            Lawrie wake up. No reaction. Lawrie wake up. No reaction.




L wakes up.


L:             No need to shout dear.


T:            Story time Lawrie.


L:             Ooh I do love stories.


T:            No, it’s your story Lawrie. To the audience. Lawrie’s story.


L:             Could you give me a hand please. C & T help L to D.S.R Words please. Thank you, now shoo. C & T move to S.L. I remember walking to my friends house and opening the little white gate. I rang the doorbell and asked if she wanted to go to Tick Tock park, and with a smile on her face she said yes. We were out for ours, we’d sit in the park until it was pitch black and you could hardly see a thing. Then we’d go all the way over to Meadow Gardens, ‘cause we had friends at Meadow Gardens, well actually we had boyfriends on Meadow Gardens if the truth be known. Come and give me hand please.


C & T collect L and help her to her chair.


L:             See you later.


C & L sit U.S while T comes D.S.C


T:            I’m sure that both you and I have heard some of the stories and tales of Leicester, either from our friends and family, teachers and class mates or elders and youngers. Not many people know, but Leicester used to consist of fields and fields upon many more fields of land. And although I wasn’t here to personally experience the transformation for myself, I have heard plenty of stories about the astonishing changes to the landscape and the miraculous difference of life now compared to how it used to Ben the early years. To me, Leicester is a place full of history and excitement. And I hope that our piece has portrayed just that.


                C & T move D.S and join T.


L:             And this has been…


All:          Our Story.


                Actors exit stage.



                                                                                The End