Rushey Mead group feedback

Thu 28 Feb 2019

Fashioning a City’s Rushey Mead group was made up of students from Rushey Mead Academy with Creative Practitioner Shruti Chauhan and Heritage Expert Madeleine Coburn.

Here are quotes from those involved.

“I discussed the project with my GCSE students this morning mapping the devising process we had been though and how it will help them with their coursework next year, they were able to recognise how the detailed research and strong stimuli were paramount to the success of the piece and would learn from this for next year’s exam.”

Sarah Jane Hunter
Curriculum Leader – Creative Arts


“Yesterday really was so moving and a great end to the term. I can’t wait to see the students perform at Curve!”

Shruti Chauhan
Creative Practitioner


“It was a pleasure to work on the project  ..  On seeing their work I was moved by both the dancers and actors, as others were too.  That they could engender such reactions in their audiences shows the depth of their understanding and their expertise in putting a story of human survival over.”

Madeleine Coburn
Heritage Expert