Q&A with Dan Partridge (Danny Zuko) and Martha Kirby (Sandy Dumbrowski)

Fri 6 Sep 2019

With Grease – The Musical running at Curve until Sat 14 Sep, we caught up with Dan Partridge (Danny Zuko) and Martha Kirby (Sandy Dumbrowski) for a quick Q&A about the electrifyin production!


What makes this production of Grease so special?

 Dan: It’s more interesting! As it’s a slightly different script to the film, it’s something a lot of people haven’t seen before. It’s a reason why so many people are coming to see the show because it’s not just going to give you the songs you want – it’s going to give you even more!

Martha: I think as a cast as well, everybody gets on ridiculously well.

D: It’s a real family.

M: I think that really shows in this production, which adds another level of friendship on and off stage.


So, it’s like the cast really are your school friends?

D: Yes! There are moments on stage where you kind of feel like you’re not struggling to find the character because it’s basically just me and my mates having the best time.


So, everybody feels like they know Danny and Sandy, but what do these characters mean to you?

 D: Quite a lot! I played the role twice when I was a kid, so it’s been really nice and means quite a lot because I think it’s a film we all grew up with and we know it so well.

M: I think it was important for me to give Sandy more human qualities. People can be naive but still have a backbone and stand up for themselves and have an opinion and that’s what I wanted. I want her to have an opinion about her life and everything that goes on in it.


Do you have a favourite moment in the show?

D: I have a few! I like the beginning of Greased Lightnin’, I also like Summer Nights because it kicks off the show and I like the Sandy transformation moment as well as it goes into You’re the One that I Want because it’s so iconic.

M: I love the bedroom scene with the girls, I think it’s just hilarious. I also love the scene with Rump and Jan before they sing Mooning – they do such a beautiful job.


What has it been like to work with Nikolai?

M: I love him!

D: it’s been amazing, he’s really given us free rein to go with our instincts – he really trusts us as actors. He’s amazing.

M: He’s such a lovely man, such a supportive person. You don’t feel uncomfortable to make an idiot of yourself because he just gives you the support to really challenge yourself and push yourself in a direction you wouldn’t normally go down. I have so much respect for him.


Why should people come and see this version of Grease?

D: Because it’s exciting, it’s innovative, it’s new – and it’s sexy!

M: You’ll have a great time!