Message from the What's in a Name? Producer!

Wed 11 Mar 2020

Ahead of What’s in a Name? opening at Curve from Mon 16 – Sat 21 Mar, Producer Adam Blanshay tells us more about the production in a letter to Leicester audiences!


Hi Leicester,

My name is Adam Blanshay and I’m the producer of What’s In A Name? the hit comedy which you can see at Curve! I’m thrilled to be able to bring this show to you and just wanted to share a bit about the production and why it has been such an international success.

What’s In A Name? is based on the acclaimed long-running comedy Le Prenom that enjoyed multiple extended seasons in Paris, along with National Tours and a feature film. The title is synonymous in France with the film “Four Weddings and A Funeral.” The brand is a household name. It has gone on to enjoy productions in over 45 countries, translated into 40 languages.

Without giving away all the secrets, I am so passionate about this play because it’s no holds barred. I am so excited to share it with Leicester audiences, who frequent one of the most reputable regional theatre in the land, and who are exposed to curated hand-picked work. In our story, everyone is innocent and guilty at the same time, and no plot point goes unargued, no stone is left unturned.

Centered around a seemingly harmless family get together, What’s In A Name is a hilariously bittersweet family occasion, constantly peeling away layer after layer, with one hilarious surprise after another. Brilliantly adapted and directed by Jeremy Sam’s, the comedy is a relentless night out that has universal appeal.

What’s so joyful is to see audiences gasp and roar with laughter night after night, seemingly shocked and overjoyed to see facets of themselves and their loved ones (or not!) in each character. With times being uncertain and grey, I think what we need most is laughter, and the ability to reflect on ourselves and the joys in life. What’s In A Name promises to be that guaranteed night out of fun.


Hope you enjoy the show!


Best wishes,