Memories and adventures of Spinney Hill Park

Thu 28 Feb 2019

Spinney Hill Park was opened in 1972 after University of Leicester students raised the funds needed for the architect. Since then, the park has become a communal hub for many local residents. Here are a collection of their stories.

Bouncy castles at the park



“Literally was my second home, also with my gran literally across the road directly opposite we (me and my brothers) were always over the park running wild and having the best fun”



“If we were getting under mum’s feet she would tell me to take my brother and sister up there to get us out the way.”

Rope swings



“It was literally on my doorstep so I was there everyday! I remember all the animals, the different rope swings (my favourite thing) and climbing on to the roof. I remember when Chris Tarrant came as well!”



“I went there when I was growing up in Highfields and what’s really good that my daughter who now is 22 years old spent her growing up going to Highfields Adventure, and ….we were talking about the time I had there and she expressed what she experienced.”



“I remember the snake inside and the goat at the back that would literally eat anything it could get its mouth around including my jumper.”

The goat at Spinney Hill Park



“I remember ripping around there on a go cart on the rubber mat that ran from the top of the playground to the bottom.. the zip wire was wicked! They had different animals roaming around.. we used to feed the goats with literally anything.. and they’d nyam it.. biscuits to newspaper! Lol we used to go on the roof and ramp about.. all in all it was a cool place to have access to.”



“The goat always used to come after you and buck you as well! Ghetto goat! I remember the big massive snake as well, did it escape one time?”

Spinney Hill Park’s snake


“Great memories from here. this kept us off the streets and provided us years of fun. The pulley was the best landing in the net at the bottom of the hill and all the animals there.”



“I remember riding on the zip line and falling into the big string net at the bottom end of the playground and visiting the large snakes, Big spiders and goats inside.”




“Love and attention is what I remember…

“I used to go everyday after school, Kevin would always get the camera out and record whatever crazy idea we’d come up with next. Being in the newspaper for painting the head of what was going on the bonfire at abbey park one year, THE FIREWORK SHOWS!! They was amazing!! The smell of toast  ?… The border swing!! That was an amazing feeling when you could “border” and then “monkey hanging” was a whole different wall game  ? adventure was a fantastic part of my life.”

Looking after the animals in the park


Despite six attempts to close the playground, it remains to this day!