Friend of Curve: Alan Heggs

Fri 27 Mar 2020

This World Theatre Day, as the industry is pulling together through challenging and unprecedented times, we caught up with a Friend of Curve to find out why Curve’s work is so important, and why more people should support theatres.

Please tell us a little bit about your background, what are your main interests?
Professionally, my background is in finance and I run my own business as an accountant based in Hinckley. So, it comes as a surprise to most when I tell them my two great interests in life are world travel and theatre (not typical for an accountant).

I will always remember my first West End show, Sunset Boulevard starring Elaine Paige back in 1994. It was such a light bulb moment and I’ve never looked back. To this day, Sunset Boulevard is in my favourites, so you can imagine how excited I was to see it at Curve. Looking back, that great show turned out to be another light bulb moment when I suddenly realised what an amazing theatre I had on my own doorstep! The rest is history. I started going to Curve more and more, and in the autumn of 2019, I became a FRIEND member and have enjoyed every minute of it since. I have already booked 20 Curve shows for 2020!

What is your relationship with Curve?
Curve is a magical place and over the last few years I have come to realise not only does it put on fabulous and diverse shows, it’s also a great asset for the local community. It is all inclusive and goes out of its way to make many performances accessible. It is because of this great work they do, I first joined as a SUPPORTER member so that I could give something back through my donation. I soon realised this wasn’t enough and became a FRIEND member last October so that I was able to contribute more. It doesn’t go without its perks however, which I am truly grateful for!

What does Curve mean to you?
I think of Curve as a loyal friend. I give as much support as I can, bearing in mind we all have our own lives to balance, but it gives back to me in full measure. It feels like home when I’m there!

You have a Friend Membership which includes a donation, what is your main motivation for supporting Curve?
I wanted to do this to be able to help out financially with all the projects Curve, as a charity, gets involved with to help those less fortunate or those with access issues. I also see how it gets more people (especially, although not exclusively, younger people) not only to become enthused with going to the theatre, but also to take that next step and become an integral part: whether by becoming an actor, writer, director or being part of the backstage crew.

Being Vice Chair of The Kirby Muxloe Players, I can also see the developmental link. People have to start somewhere, and if seeing a show at Curve makes them want to try it out for themselves then that’s great. It also goes full circle, many of our previous members are now training at RADA or have found jobs on the West End stage. If I had had a “CURVE” when I was say 10, maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be an accountant now. But it’s never too late, one day I will play Norma Desmond!

What are you looking forward to seeing next?
This is a really tricky question to answer as I’m seeing so much in the next 12 months but, I’m really looking forward to The Wizard of Oz!

If you would like to support us and all of the work we do both on and off our stages, please visit or email [email protected]