exploring heritage stories with relatives and friends

Thu 28 Feb 2019

Belgrave group members spoke with their parents, cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents to find out about their stories of moving to Leicester.


What country were your parents born in?

“My grandparents come from the city Jinja which is situated in the eastern region of Uganda.  They had a ginormous house, overlooking small grassy topped hills and green fields.  Attached to their house they had their four shops; one book shop, one DIY shop and two house-hold shops.              

“They lived a peaceful life in Uganda, where there was lots of unity and integrity.”






What special objects did your parents bring with them to Leicester?

“They left Uganda in 1970 to come to UK Leicester.  They had some shillings and cents and some photographs for their memories that they cherish today.  My grandma also had some bags that she made herself. She got some lovely, woven baskets made of straws.”

God idols”

Clothes, food and £3″

Photographs and coins from Uganda”


What do they miss most about their home country?

“Weather, food, walking around and a big garden”

Their village and friends”

Relatives and festivals”


What do they like about living in Leicester?

“They think Leicester as a city has diverse culture and people still maintain their own values and traditions.  They especially love Begrave Road, which has lots of Indian shops for groceries, clothing and jewellery.  Just on Loughborough Road there is a temple (also called Haveli) where they go often to pray.”

All the facilities available for the elderly”

Celebrating most/all festivals”

Security and safety”

It’s Multicultural”