Derren Brown

Tue 24 Aug 2021

Ahead of the premiere of his new stage show SHOWMAN at Curve, Derren Brown is making a personal appeal to all those planning on coming along.

The world renowned performer told us: “I would love you to bring with you, from home, an object that has personal significance for you. Something with sentimental value, and ideally maybe has a bit of a story behind it. It just needs to be small enough that you can hide it in your hand and keep it hidden”.

Derren will be performing at Curve from Tuesday19 – Saturday 23 October, with what will be his first new live show for six years.

Derren added: “We were all ready to open Showman when the tour had to be postponed. Now, after sitting around in my pants for months I am so, so eager to get this show on the road, and thrilled I’m visiting Leicester”.