Curve announces Sarah Travis as Freelance Task Force Representative

Fri 12 Jun 2020

We are pleased to announce Sarah Travis, Musical Supervisor and Orchestrator of many Made at Curve productions, will represent Curve as part of the Freelance Task Force.

Speaking about the role, Sarah said:

“Like all of us in the Theatre Industry I saw all my work for the year evaporate after the Government ordered the national Lockdown back in March. Over the ensuing weeks, I’ve realised how easy it is to feel isolated and at times without purpose with no work on the horizon. I know I’m not alone experiencing all the anxieties and financial worries about my future as a self-employed Musical Supervisor/Orchestrator.

“I am therefore very honoured to be chosen by Curve as their Freelance Task Force Representative at this challenging time. Having worked at Curve over the years as a Freelance Creative it’s become such an important place to me- like a second home. I’ve forged many friendships and long lasting collaborations through my work here.

“I know how important Curve is as a creative community hub both for Leicester and the wider theatre and freelance community. I hope I can help in a small way via this task force to bring the self-employed in my sector some sense of community and voice by listening and gauging the needs and concerns that we all have and liaise with Curve and the Wider Theatre/Arts community.”

To read the open Freelance Task Force letter, signed by Curve, click here.