Braunstone project - in pictures

Thu 28 Feb 2019

To create their piece about the history of the Braunstone area, Fashioning a City’s Braunstone group spoke to local residents, considered what Braunstone meant to them and visited sites in the local area.

Here are the pictures from the creation of the work.

The group met with local residents to hear more about stories from Braunstone’s past


Participants researched the local area and how it relates to them and the stories they have discovered


Working with the practitioners, the group discussed what Braunstone means to them


A heritage visit to Newarke House Museum to explore the local history


The group visited Wharf Street, the site of one of the slums in Leicester which was moved to the Braunstone area when it was established


On a heritage visit to Braunstone Park, the group found a commemorative plaque to the 82nd American Airborne Division who were stationed in the area during WWII


In preparation for creating their performance piece, the group considered the different stories they could tell


Working in the Brite Centre, the group began devising and rehearsing their piece