A Chorus Line rehearsals: week three

Fri 19 Nov 2021

In the latest blog from DMU Journalism student Maykel Valladares, find out how our production of A Chorus Line is shaping up in the third week of rehearsals.


Week by week, the rehearsals are becoming more and more entertaining as it becomes a fully formed production. The cast has gone from just sitting in a circle and reading out their lines to bringing the story to life through singing and dancing.

Under the instruction of choreographer Ellen Kane, the cast took their places on the tape marked floor.

“Five, six, seven, eight!”

Their footsteps echoed through the room as they moved in unison across the wooden floor. You would think they have been practicing this number for weeks, but really, they had only learned it two days before. If I was one of them, I would have forgotten everything the moment I walked out of rehearsal.

They moved with ease and sang with so much energy that it made me want to get up and dance.

Watching them reminded me of a quote by Hugh Jackman: “The definition of being good is being able to make it look easy”

When watching musicals, I am always in awe of how effortless they make it look. I guess I have just always been too far away to see how much of a workout performing can be. In the rehearsal room I could see that the actors take advantage of every rest during the song to take deep breaths, trying to keep up with the incredible but complicated routines.

“The choreography is very difficult,” said Eamonn Cox, a swing in the cast, “lots of people are doing various things at different times so it’s very confusing for everyone involved. But it’s getting there.”

Even though it’s a complicated task, these actors know they have a job to do. Some may come in early or stay later to practice in the rehearsal room. Repetition is key in making the choreography look flawless. I know what you’re thinking: “Again with practice makes perfect? We know!” But it’s a cliché thing to say for a reason, because it’s true.

It’s truly amazing the number of hours the cast has put into the production. They believe that it’s a classic show that everyone will love. It’s hard to put into words how fun the choreography is. You just have to buy yourself a ticket and try to learn it for yourself.

Main image: Emily Barnett-Salter and Chloe Saunders in rehearsals for A Chorus Line. Photography by Marc Brenner.