A Chorus Line auditions: applications now open for Young Ensemble

Fri 23 Jul 2021
Promotional artwork for A Chorus Line. A lone chorus performer dances in silhouette on a dimly lit stage. Gold capitals across the image read 'A Chorus Line', and in the top right corner 'The one singular sensation at Curve this Christmas'.

We have updated this announcement in response to some questions we’ve had.

We are looking for up to 20 young, locally-based, non professional (and non professionally trained) dancers aged 16 – 18 years old to appear as part of our community ensemble in Curve’s Christmas 2021 musical A CHORUS LINE. Please read on for more information about the musical, brief, dates and how to get involved.



A CHORUS LINE is set in New York City, in 1975. On an empty Broadway stage, performers are put through their paces in the final, gruelling audition for a new Broadway musical.

Young community ensemble members will feature in the scene where dancers audition for the infamously tough director Zach in the first number of the show, “I Hope I Get It”, but don’t quite make the cut.

We are not looking for professional or trained actors or dancers- instead we are hoping to bring together an ensemble for the opening of our show to celebrate our local community. Everyone taking part in the scene will be non-speaking, but they will take part in a dance and vocal sequence at the opening of the musical. Those taking part will work with Curve’s Artistic Director Nikolai Foster, Olivier and Tony Award-nominated Choreographer Ellen Kane and Musical Director Tamara Saringer on the production.

Please note this is a fully voluntary opportunity.



The musical will rehearse and play in Leicester as follows:

• Rehearsals at Curve between Monday 1 November – Thursday 25 November 2021 *

• Technical Rehearsals at Curve between Friday 26 November – Thursday 2 December 2021 (evenings and some daytimes)*

• Performances at Curve between Friday 3 December – Friday 31 December 2021, with further performances possible in the week of 3 January 2022

Full dates for the production are listed below.

Applicants must be fully available in Leicester from Monday 1 November 2021 until Sunday 9 January 2022. Performances will be shared between two teams of dancers.

*Please note the community ensemble will only be required for a very limited number of rehearsals which will mostly be scheduled in the evenings and at the weekend to fit around school/college and work. Whilst we hope everyone will be available throughout the run, you will not be needed for every show and each ensemble member will normally only be required for up to four performances a week.



Applicants must be aged 16- 18 years old (in year 12 or above) with a ‘playing age’ of up to 30 years, and must be confident dancers and singers. The opening sequence’s choreography will feature a mix of musical theatre, jazz and ballet styles- no formal training in these areas is required!

Inclusivity sits at the heart of our work at Curve. We encourage applicants from all racial and cultural groups, classes and backgrounds. We welcome submissions from anyone meeting the age criteria, in particular those underrepresented on our stages including individuals from migrant communities and those who speak English as an additional language, transgender young people and participants who are D/deaf and disabled.



The team at Curve will meet everyone who applies and will select up to 20 people to take part in the ensemble. Group workshop auditions will take place on Saturday 11 September 2021. The deadline for applications is Sunday 29 August 2021 at midnight.

To apply for an audition, please contact Tess Ellison, Senior Producer at Curve on [email protected] with the following information:

– Name

– Age and school year (if applicable)

– Date of birth

– Head-and-shoulders photograph. Please note this doesn’t need to be a professional headshot; it just needs to be a clear picture so we know who you are when you take part in the workshop.

– A brief description of any dance and performance experience at school or college, amateur dramatics etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, this is a great place to start!

– Details of a next of kin or emergency contact

If you have any questions, you can also call Tess on 0116 242 3562.




Weekday evenings and Saturday mornings: Monday 1 November – Thursday 25 November 2021


matinee evening
FRI 26-Nov-21 Technical Rehearsals    
SAT 27-Nov-21 Technical Rehearsals    
SUN 28-Nov-21 OFF    
1 MON 29-Nov-21 Technical Rehearsals    
TUE 30-Nov-21 Technical Rehearsals    
WED 01-Dec-21 Technical Rehearsals    
THU 02-Dec-21 A Chorus Line – PDR   19:30
FRI 03-Dec-21 A Chorus Line – First Preview   19:30
SAT 04-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
SUN 05-Dec-21 Day off    
2 MON 06-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
TUE 07-Dec-21 A Chorus Line Press Night   19:00
WED 08-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
THU 09-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
FRI 10-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
SAT 11-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
SUN 12-Dec-21 Day off    
3 MON 13-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
TUE 14-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
WED 15-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
THU 16-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
FRI 17-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
SAT 18-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
SUN 19-Dec-21 Day off    
4 MON 20-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
TUE 21-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
WED 22-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
THU 23-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
FRI 24-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15  
SAT 25-Dec-21 Christmas Day – Day off
SUN 26-Dec-21 Boxing Day – Day off
5 MON 27-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
TUE 28-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
WED 29-Dec-21 A Chorus Line   19:30
THU 30-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15 19:30
FRI 31-Dec-21 A Chorus Line 14:15  
SAT 01-Jan-22 New Year’s Day    
SUN 02-Jan-22    
6 MON 03-Jan-22 Extra performances possible this week, TBC    
TUE 04-Jan-22    
WED 05-Jan-22    
THU 06-Jan-22    
FRI 07-Jan-22    
SAT 08-Jan-22    
SUN 09-Jan-22