Join our CYCC ACT 7-9 to develop your skills and understanding of acting. In these classes, participants will learn about the different techniques of acting while building their confidence and having fun. This group meets every Tuesday or Friday with a professional director for 2 hours. Anyone can join you just need to be in the school years 7 – 9 and based in Leicester.


CYCC ACT 10-13

Our CYCC ACT 10-13 is a place for young participants to develop and improve your acting craft.
Studying a range of plays from different authors, these classes look at a range of acting methods and
participants will meet with professionals to discuss a career in the industry.
These groups meet every Monday or Wednesday with a professional director for 3 hours. Anyone
can join you just need to be in the school years 10 – 13 and based in Leicester.


What will I get from joining CYCC Act?
• A range of skills with a particular focus on text, characterisation, and ensemble theatre
• An opportunity to work with Curve’s Technical, Stage Management, and Wardrobe
staff on productions, giving experience in backstage professional theatre practices.
• An introduction to some key theatrical movements such as Method, Physical Theatre, and Verbatim Theatre.
• Workshops from guest practitioners

Applications to join this year’s CYCC Act groups are now closed. To stay up-to-date with the latest news and sign up for our mailing list, click here.