What is the greatest play written by a Black playwright?

This summer help us to dig deep to find the play that you think our audiences need to experience.

Join us in October to take a closer look at the impact of this work and get us talking about how we think bigger about the next generation of Black playwrights to inspire future great works.

What you need to do:

Complete the nomination form below by 10am Monday 22nd August, please tell us what the play means to you, why it matters and why you think it is a great play. We want to hear from people far and wide, so please share with friends, family and colleagues.

What happens next:

Nominations will be put into a shortlist of ten plays for our panel to consider, who will then pick out the top three. One of the plays will be selected for a full reading with extracts from the two other plays to be shared.

The plays will be announced on Sunday 28th August.

On Sunday 9th October, as part of  Black History Month, we will stage a rehearsed reading of the play nominated and selected as the greatest play written by a Black playwright. We will also read extracts from two other plays, and create an exhibition of great Black plays from your nominations.

Keep an eye on our website as more information and tickets will be available to purchase soon.