Romantics Anonymous was last seen at the Bristol Old Vic in January this year and was about to start a tour of the USA when the pandemic struck.

Wise Children couldn’t bear to say goodbye to their delicious musical, so they set to work on an ambitious plan to keep Romantics alive … and it worked. Now they are delighted to announce that Romantics Anonymous will perform again!

For one week only, we will be LIVE ON STAGE, streaming from the Bristol Old Vic. Each night will be a truly one-off experience!

This is not a fancy, edited pre-record of the show. That would be far too safe and easy! This is the real thing. At 7.15pm, when you take your seat on your sofa, the company will be in the theatre warming up, running lines and tuning instruments … until 7.30pm. Showtime! Complete with all the gorgeous possibilities for surprise that an old school night in the theatre would have, this is most definitely not a film. This is living breathing theatre, happening in the moment, shared with a live audience.

We know a live-streamed show isn’t the same as actually going to the theatre and we also understand that watching things online can be hard work.

Wise Children have done everything they can to make sure their live broadcasts are of the highest quality, that they’re as easy to watch as possible, and that buying a ticket is simple.

So, whilst it won’t be the same as actually going to the theatre, we still think this will be a glorious night out. We hope you’ll get dressed up, dim the lights, enjoy the blissfully short queue for loos, and share the chocolate.

It will be wonderful to be together again – something we all need in these strangely distanced times.

The world premiere of Romantics Anonymous was originally produced by Shakespeare’s Globe for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse by special arrangement with Radio Mouse Entertainment.

This live stream has been made possible by the unwavering support of the Broughton Family Charitable Trust and of Paul & Joanna Pearson. In truly challenging times, the generosity and faith of these donors has allowed Wise Children to take the very real risks involved in this project and give this wonderful show another life. The company would like to thank them from the bottom of our chocolate box hearts.


Before rehearsals start, the entire Romantics Anonymous team will be tested for COVID-19  and, once given the all clear, will isolate in a large bubble.

Using the guidelines developed by sport, TV and film Wise Children have worked closely with Bristol City Council to make sure their team are kept safe and well.

These rigorous measures mean that the company will perform the full show – without social distancing. There will be singing! There will be dancing and, if true love has its way, there will be kissing… Imagine that!