Ilé La Wà (We are Home)



You have chosen Britain but has it chosen you? 

Caught in the web of the government’s hostile environment four characters’ lives are interrupted when they can’t produce valid ID in a spot check. Whether they are actual targets or collateral damage is irrelevant. Held without answers as they wait for verification of their legal statuses, the tension will unravel them and lay bare the realities of always being ‘the other’ in the place you call home.  

The Windrush Scandal is not over and Brexit Blunders are already in full swing. In this timely rollercoaster described by Exeunt as ‘a strongly and beautifully worded reclamation of what it means to be and to belong’, Ilé La  asks, how do you belong to a place that doesn’t see you? 

Suitable for ages 12+
Running time: 1hr 15mins (no interval)



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A brief 15-minute Q&A with the writer, Tolu Agbelusi


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