CYCC Double Bill: Little Criminals/
Space Unlimited



by Evan Placey

You know the tales… but have you heard every side of the story?

Join Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Goldilocks and many more famous characters as they take to the stand and face their fate. Who are the real baddies here? The trial of the Little Criminals is about to begin.


by Samantha Ellis

The weather forecast for the next FOREVER will be… rain. Our crops can’t grow in flooded fields. Our cupboards are bare apart from the fish who swim in there. For humanity there is only one hope. A bunch of plucky scientists, engineers, children and farmers have begun construction of a space elevator headed for an earth-like planet Kepler-452b.

But as Newton stated, what goes up, must come down!


Age Recommendation: 11+
Running Times: 2 hours and 20 minutes, including interval


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