CYCC Act Showcase | Bright. Young. Things. and Tomorrow's History



Bright. Young. Things. is a comically absurd play about six child geniuses who compete for the title of Britain’s brainiest child. Struggling against the pressure to succeed coupled with the manipulation of media, how will these child geniuses react when the studio’s cleaner’s daughter joins the competition? Who will be crowned the winner? Or will the producers push them too hard?

Age Recommendation: 10+

Show Warning: Loud noises, haze and flashing lights

Please noteBright. Young. Things contains themes of parental abandonment and mental health.

We’re always told to learn a lesson from the past, well now we can! With Interactive Historical Experiences 2120s finest, budding historians travel to the past in their Year 9 History Residential. In this whirlwind story you will visit some of the most era defining moments of our human past. We will also explore our relationship with the past, and how this can change our today. Tomorrow’s history!

Age Recommendation: 8+

Please note: Tomorrow’s History contains themes of Death & Discrimination



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Credits & Acknowledgments

Bright. Young. Things.
Written by Georgia Christou
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

Tomorrow’s History
Written by Rob Throup

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