Meet the Artist: Seetal Kaur

Tue 3 Jul 2018

Meet the Artist: Seetal Kaur

Meet our Community Artist for St Mathew's

What is your name?

Seetal Kaur

Where do you live?


What can’t you live without?

My dancing bells, they’re called “ghungroo”

What is your secret obsession?

Writing in my journal, oh and scrolling through Instagram!

What are you most looking forward to/excited about the project?

Meeting and connecting with awesome people and ideas

What is your Art form/ Performance Style/ Background?

Kathak (classical dance), which literally means ‘story-teller’ so I have a theatre and music background too. We use movement, mime and rhythm to express human emotions and take the audience on a journey

What does heritage mean to you?

Heritage means connection, stories, imagination, understanding and enrichment. It brings the world around us to life!

Your interesting fact or claim to fame?

I used to sing Opera for 5 years and could sing super high pitch!