What's in a Name




Casting includes The Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat star, Joe Thomas and Miranda star, Bo Poraj!

You are invited to take a seat at the table for a riotously funny evening that questions whether a person’s name truly reflects who they are.

Father-to-be Vincent and his partner Anna are invited to dinner by his sister Elizabeth and her husband, Peter. They are joined by childhood friend Carl for a mature and sophisticated gathering. The meal is lovingly prepared, and wine carefully selected. The friends are prepared for the usual humorous exchanges they’ve come to expect.

But tonight, a startling revelation about the name chosen for Vincent’s and Anna’s expected child becomes the catalyst for a destructive argument which spirals hysterically out of control. Tonight no one is holding back! Egos, childish resentment and unspoken feelings are relentlessly and hilariously exposed for the first time in this international smash hit based on the award-winning French film and stage sensation Le Prénom.


Trailer and photography stars 2019 touring cast.


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