New Work Festival:
Scratch Night 2022



Enjoy a theatrical lucky dip at our New Work Festival Scratch Night!

Written, directed and performed by the best emerging companies from the East Midlands, don’t miss your chance to be amongst the first to see their latest work-in-progress performances.

Age Recommendation: 16+ contains swearing and adult themes.

Tonight’s line-up:

Unconditionally, by Company Apidae

“Authenticity vs Conditioned Acceptance: A funhouse mirror for our biases”

A physical theatre/dance commentary on the idea of knowing when you’re being your true self and how the acceptance of your actions affect how true to yourself you can be.

First Night Star Dream, by HCA Theatre

“Nobody cares about your hopes and dreams when you have no one to look out for you.”

A new autobiographical musical about life growing up in Nottingham in a one parent sometimes no parent working class family, and the struggle through adversity.

Pol-Spiracy, by Category: Peach

Pol-Spiracy follow’s budding film-director Maja Statszewska through this satirical mock-u-series, as she explores why her home nation is the worst country for abortion and LGBT rights within the EU. Part autobiographical, part fantastical, Pol-spiracy is a quirky, messy deconstruction of the Polish Catholic Church and a male-dominated government, stealing the agency over women and queer people’s bodies.


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