The Turbine Theatre presents

MTFest UK 2021: HouseFire

Mon 14 - Sun 20 Jun 2021



Part of the MTFest UK Digital Tour 2021

An Eco Rock Musical

“I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.” – Greta Thunberg, 2019

A trio of endangered animals form a rock band to protest against the climate crisis. Leo – the snow leopard lead singer – rages against the annihilation of their world, Ginger the Orangutan – on keys – has her own tale to tell about the traumas of deforestation, while Alan the elephant is keeping time on the drums. But their newly rebranded group HouseFire is under threat from their corporate manager getting them to pander to the very capitalist system they want to destabilize.

Entering Britain’s Got Talent is a great way to reach more people with their message, but it puts a strain on their already fractious relationships, and is it all just too little too late…

Fierce, frenetic and fun – this gig-theatre musical will set your world on fire.


Alex Cardall (Evita) – Alan
Eleanor Kane (High Fidelity/Fun Home) – Ginger
Robin Simões da Silva (Spring Awakening) – Leo


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MTFestUK is a yearly festival that promotes the best in new musical theatre. The 2 week long festival allows 8 new and emerging pieces of musical theatre to be presented in a workshop setting in front of a live audience. The presentations therefore are by no means complete and actors will use scripts, limited props etc. This is a deliberate choice to allow the writing team the opportunity to work on the material before projects move into full production.



Credits & Acknowledgments

Book and Lyrics by P Burton-Morgan
Music by Felix Hagan

Director P Burton-Morgan
Musical Director Mark Collins

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