The Turbine Theatre presents

MTFest UK 2021: #50Days

Mon 14 - Sun 20 Jun 2021



Part of the MTFest UK Digital Tour 2021

#50days is a Grime musical which tells the story of the period when the very foundations of England were shattered.

It is December 1641 and King Charles is about to be formally challenged by a handful of MPs and radical commoners, who share the belief that ALL men are born equal. Many in England, now a Protestant country, are enraged by the notion that the French-born Catholic Queen Henrietta and King Charles are ruling over them. One of these critics is John Pym, a Member of Parliament and prominent opponent of Kingship, who issues a challenge to the King’s power.

In a world ruled by men, who are the women in this story? What are they fighting for? Through propaganda and shrewd political manoeuvring, the nation is about to be plunged head first into a conflict that pitted neighbour against neighbour and shattered the very core of our constitution.

#50days creator Thabo Stuck challenges the notion of how history is discoursed.

“This is an interpretation of British history told through the eyes of underrepresented Brits today.”


Aminita Francis (Frankenstein – How To Make A Monster) – Digby/Prince of Wales
Nadine-Rose Johnson (Frankenstein) – Queen Henrietta
Reuben Joseph (Rapunzel/Midsummer) – King Charles
Kyran Mitchell-Nanton (Karma) – Pym
Robert Saunders (Grandpa’s Great Escape Live) – Lillburn/Lucy Haye
Cleve September (Hamilton/Jesus Chris Superstar) – Manchester


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MTFestUK is a yearly festival that promotes the best in new musical theatre. The 2 week long festival allows 8 new and emerging pieces of musical theatre to be presented in a workshop setting in front of a live audience. The presentations therefore are by no means complete and actors will use scripts, limited props etc. This is a deliberate choice to allow the writing team the opportunity to work on the material before projects move into full production.



Credits & Acknowledgments

Created and written by Thabo Stuck

Director Ajjaz Awad
Musical Director Amiir Salem

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